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World Class  Hungarian Vizslas

Puppies For Sale

Sorry...2013 litter is Sold Out

We will PROBABLY have another litter next year...Early March 2014!
Please Contact Me Now 
if you would be interested in one from that Litter.

Call Jeff 406-788-3774
To Reserve yours now.

2013 Sold Out...
Reserve now for Spring 2014

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Want Pheasant?
Or any other Gamebird?

Welcome to Teton Vizslas. My name is Jeff Howard. Almost 2 years ago now, I bought my first Vizsla. I had been considering taking up Pheasant Hunting, and I did a lot of homework in an effort to be sure I got the best possible dog for me. I had been told, "If you buy a good dog, it will teach you more than you will teach it". I needed a dog that was REAL smart! After many hours of research I decided on the Vizsla. I have no doubt I made the best decision. My girl Ginger is everything a guy could want in a Bird Dog. Her nose is amazing. Her natural hunting instinct is never at rest, she hunts constantly. The Vizsla breed is known to stick close, and she is a great example, seldom venturing more than a couple hundred yards away, and always right back at the sound of my whistle. Her desire to please is amazing, I can SEE how she tries to understand me and do as I wish. Not just hunting Pheasants, but always.  Ginger is not just my Pheasant Dog, she is our family pet, always with us, very much "one of the gang" I'll resist the urge to ramble on for now....

The reason I have created this Site is because I decided to have GingerBread...I mean Ginger Bred! We have an awesome litter of new Puppies for sale! Birds Beware!

Puppies Born March 18th!

Ginger is a Fully AKC Registered, and a perfect example of the breed. The Sire is also Fully AKC Registered. His Pedigree is Hungarian! He was brought over from Hungary just a few years back. While I have not yet had time to take Ginger to shows and trials, Cobel, the Sire, has done quite well.

You can view an article in Gun Dog Magazine on Cobel, and Vizslas in general at the following link:

Gundog Article

I am not much of a "Web" guy, so this Site will be a little rough for a while!

If you are interested in one of these World Class  Vizsla Puppies, please contact me at 406-788-3774 or email me at TetonVizslas@gmail.com

I will be working on this page quite often, so please check back and see what's new!
My last edit is 5-25-13

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